Canyoning around Lyon


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Canyoning near Lyon

Lyon's appeal is well established. There are great work opportunities and this magnificent city sits on the peaceful banks of the Sâone and Rhône rivers. What's more, Lyon is very close to the Alps and therefore canyons.

This page is dedicated to canyoning in Lyon with some great canyoning suggestions, all less than an hour and a half away from the city center. If you want to go canyoning in this area, you will have the choice from all the canyons of the Grenoble region, most of which are located in the Vercors Massif.

The Chartreuse mountains around the Aiguebelette lake features a beautiful canyon close to Lyon called the Grenant.

You can also do canyoning near Lyon in the Ain department in the Bugey massif or towards Artemare. The Groin canyon is really worth the detour and can rival the most beautiful canyons in France thanks to its originality. All in all, the people of Lyon are very lucky.

List of Lyon canyoning sites

Canyoning Grenant
50 €/pers

The Grenant Canyon

Savoie near Lyon

On the border between Isère and Savoie, the Grenant canyon is a beautiful half-day adventure with jumps, abseiling descents, and water slides. It is near the lake of Aiguebellette. THIS CANYON IS CURRENTLY OFF LIMITS.
2,5 Std canyoning | Niveau: Leicht

Canyoning Sassenage
50 €/pers

Sassenage Canyoning

An initiation to beautiful verticals.

The canyoning site of Sassenage is just next to the Cuves de Sassenage, famous for speleology. This canyon includes beautiful abseiling descents of up to 17 meters along with a few jumps. The obstacles are optional for those who aren't completely comfortable with the activity.
2,5Std canyoning | Niveau: Leicht

Canyon Versoud
48 €/pers
1H20 away from Lyon

Canyon Versoud

Short and Intense

There are no walking portions between the obstacles of the Versoud canyon. Jumps, abseiling descents, and water slides come one after the other. It's an absolute treat! A perfect place to get into canyoning.
2,5Std canyoning | Niveau: Leicht

Canyon Ecouges
60 €/pers
1H20 away from Lyon

Canyon Écouges

The most beautiful half-day canyoning experience around.

This canyon has everything you could wish for. Abseiling descents of up to 20 meters, jumps of various heights, natural water slides, and a zip line. It's a packed half-day experience. Without a doubt, it's the most beautiful canyoning spot around Lyon.
3Std canyoning | Niveau: Mittel

Canyoning Ecouges
90 €/pers
1H25 away from Lyon

Canyoning Écouges Upper Part

Very technical for abseiling enthusiasts

If you're looking to do some jumping, you should look elsewhere. The upper part of Ecouges is a beautiful and challenging canyon with numerous abseiling descents with the final one being a 65-meter high waterfall. A great canyoning spot.
3Std canyoning | Niveau: Schwer

Entire Écouges Canyon
120 €/pers
1H25 away from Lyon

Entire Ecouges Canyon

The BIG ONE of Vercors

The Complete Ecouges course is a combination of the upper and lower parts of the Ecouges. It is a big undertaking suitable for experienced, fast-paced people. The Complete Ecouges course is beautiful, varied, and strenuous.
8Std canyoning | Niveau: Schwer

Canyon Furon
50 €/pers
1H25 away from Lyon

Furon Canyon

The classic

The Furon canyon is undoubtedly the most popular one in Vercors. It is very fun and includes jumps, water slides, a zip line, and small abseiling descents. It is very easy to get to with just a short walk from where you park. It's also a great place to experience canyoning for the first time.
2,5Std canyoning | Niveau: Leicht

Intégrale du Furon
80 €/pers
1H25 away from Lyon

Entire Furon Canyon

Full day canyoning for beginners

The complete Furon course is a combination of the Furon Canyon and the Sassenage Canyon. It is a day packed with numerous jumps and water slides down the Furon Canyon and abseiling descents of up to 17 meters down the Sassenage canyon.
5,5Std canyoning | Niveau: Mittel

Canyoning Infernet
55 €/pers
1H25 away from Lyon

Infernet Canyon

Great atmosphere!

The Infernet canyoning spot is located near Grenoble at Quaix en Chartreuse. Your excitement and anticipation are guaranteed to rise as you come into view of the first big, steeply cascading waterfall. The rest of the course after that is much more calm and recreational. A great canyoning spot in the Lyon area.
2,5Std canyoning | Niveau: Mittel

Our customer testimonials on the canyon guides around Lyon

Ben's review : "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Sabrina is smiley and super nice. Our guide Marvin was just as nice and it was really great to be taken care of from start to finish! An adventure with a smile! Cheers, and thank you. I hope you continue to bring smiles to people's faces because you guys are great!"

Igor's review : "Great. Not only the instructions given at the time of reservation but also the half-day experience. The guide was very attentive. The gorge was just fantastic. My daughters are delighted. Thank you very much !"