Canyoning around Grenoble


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Canyoning around Grenoble

It's well known: Grenoble is the capital of the Alps! Many climbers, skiers, mountaineers and hikers come by and for the mountain. However, only few people know that Grenoble is home to some beautiful canyons, just a stone's throw from the city center. We have selected the courses that perfectly represent the spirit of canyoning around Grenoble.

Among the canyons near Grenoble, you will find the Furon canyon, the Sassenage canyon, the Ecouges canyon (high or low part) or the Infernet canyon. There is something for everyone. You will find canyons with jumps or abseiling, for first timers or experts.

Our instructors will provide you with all the necessary equipment for your activities. You just have to choose your trail, book to check our availability, and bring your swimsuit and sport shoes.

List for canyoning around Grenoble

Canyon Furon
50 €/pers

Furon Canyon

Fun, dynamic and versatile

Located just a stone's throw from Grenoble, the Furon canyon is perfect to discover the activity. Very versatile, it is accessible to beginners. Many jumps and slides are available as well as a zip line.
2h30 activity | Level: Easy

Canyoning Sassenage
50 €/pers

Sassenage Canyoning

Great vertical obstacles, a stone's throw from the tramway.

The Sassenage canyoning or the Furon lower part is located by the Sassenage basins. You can reach the departure by public transport via the tramway. This canyon has great vertical obstacles, up to 18 meters high, jumps and places to play in the water.
2h30 activity | Level: Easy

Entire Furon Canyon
80 €/pers

The entire Furon canyon

The best spot for Grenoble canyoning lovers !

The entire Furon canyon represents the upper and the lower part. You will enjoy many jumps and slides in the first part. You will discover the feeling of vertigo while abseiling in the second part.
5 - 6h activity | Level: Medium

Canyon Versoud
48 €/pers

Versoud Canyon

A good initiation in the Vercors.

The Versoud canyon fits to beginners. Whether you are in shape, you will also have fun with 8 meter high jumps, a zip line and very aesthetical abseiling slides.
2h30 activity | Level: Easy

The lower part Ecouges canyon
60 €/pers

Ecouges Canyon

The most beautiful canyon of Isère department.

Certainly the most beautiful canyon of Isère department with 20 meter high abseils, amazing jumps and well curved slides. The Ecouges canyon takes place in a very nice and peaceful site.
3h activtity | Level: Intermediate

Infernet Canyon
55 €/pers

Infernet Canyon

A breathtaking entrance

The Infernet canyon is a short but intense. It bravely starts with a very impressive abseiling in the dark. After that, you will have a lot of jumps and slides. It is the inescapable activity of the canyoning near Grenoble !
2h30 activity | Level: Intermediate

Moules Marinières canyoning
50 €/pers

Moules Marinières Canyoning

Wild and funny.

The Moules Marinières canyon is wild and varied. It represents all canyoning activity can offer you in an amazing environment.
3h activity | Level: Intermediate

Canyoning Ecouges
90 €/pers

Écouges Canyoning - upper part

The tough one in the area

The upper part of the Écouges canyon is for those who have already done some canyoning, and in particular abseiling. No jumps in this course but a very nice abseiling under a waterfall, taking you all to way down to the final waterfall of 65 meters high.
3h activity | Level: Advanced

The entire Ecouges canyon
120 €/pers

The entire Ecouges

THE big challenge

Starting the entire Ecouges is only for experts. The first part is technical with many aerial abseiling. The second part is very funny. Trying both will give you memorable memories.
8h activity | Level: Advanced

Which equipment is provided.

For your canyoning trips near Grenoble, the instructors will provide you with the technical equipment required to practice canyoning. You will be given a 5 mm neoprene suit, neoprene socks, a harness and a safety helmet. The instructor will take care of the ropes and carabiners needed on the trail. The equipment is serviced and meets PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) standards.

Equipment you should bring.

For your part, bring a pair of sneakers and a swimsuit, to avoid being naked under the suit. In addition, you will have to bring your pack lunch for all-day activities. You will eat in the canyon and your lunch will be stored in a waterproof canister provided by us.