The Upper part of Ecouges canyoning


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Canyoning in the Upper Part of Ecouges | Presentation

The upper part of Ecouges canyoning is one of the biggest canyoning spots around Valence. The trail is very technical with plenty of rope handrail sections and great abseiling descents. Some stretches are especially beautiful, for example, the basin on the website cover photo. The final part of the trail is the 65-meter high waterfall visible from the road.

In terms of geology and topography, the upper part of the Ecouges canyoning was formed in the limestone of the Vercors massif. The river is called La Drevenne, a tributary of the Isère.

How the day goes - Upper part of Ecouges canyoning

The day starts off at the church parking lot in Saint Gervais in Isère and not in Haute Savoie. First off, arrangements will have to be made to have vehicles at both ends of the gorge. Then, it will be time to get geared up and the guide will test your abseiling skills. Afterward, you will be able to go into the meanders of the Drevenne and enjoy the most challenging Isère canyon.

Niveau : schwer

You must have previous abseiling experience to be able to go down the upper part of the Ecouges canyon. There are numerous abseiling descents under waterfalls with the highest waterfall being about 65 meters high. This canyon is not recommended for beginners as it is very strenuous.

Where is the upper part of the Ecouges canyon ?

The upper part of the Ecouges canyoning is located between Grenoble and Valence, in the village of St Gervais in Isère. The meeting point is at :
45.2017, 5.4814 (Decimal grades)
45°12'06.3"N 5°28'53.1"E (Grade, Minuten, Sekunden)

The Mairie de Saint Gervais sur Isère church parking lot


Be sure to set off well within the travel time estimated by Google Maps or your GPS so as not to be late.