Canyoning in the Vercors


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Canyoning in the Vercors

The Vercors Massif is a great playing field for outdoor sports : climbing, paragliding, mountain biking, hiking, trail running and so on. It is also a very generous canyon to practice canyoning with around forty canyons. Of course, a lot of canyons are not really interesting or are mostly composed of huge abseiling such as the Ruzand, the upstream part of the Versoud canyon or the Moulin Marquis tour.

To do canyoning in the Vercors, we have selected the most beautiful and complete. The Furon canyon, the Ecouges canyon, the Versoud or the Moules Marinières include jumps, slides and abseiling. Moreover, those ones don't required long walks and represent exactly what Vercors canyoningis.

The Vercors canyoning list

Canyon Furon

Furon Canyon

Funny, complete and accessible.

One of the best way to be initiated to canyoning in the Vercors. You will have fun in the various jumps and slides that this canyon offers, all that in a nice woody environment.
2h30 activity | Level: Easy

Canyoning Sassenage

Sassenage canyoning

Beautiful waterfalls very close to Grenoble.

It is the lower part of the Furon canyon. This canyon is very open and not very committed. There are jumps, abseiling until 18 meters high in a waterfall and a possible passage in a siphon. An excellent basis!
2h30 activity | Level: Easy

Intégrale du Furon

The entire Furon

Jumps, slides, asbeiling, what else!

It is the Furon canyon followed by the Sassenage canyon interrupted by a picnic break. Very close to Grenoble, you can enjoy jumps, slides and beautiful abseiling.
5 - 6h activity | Level: Medium

Canyon Ecouges partie basse

Ecouges Canyon

The best of Vercors

Certainly the most beautiful half-day canyoning in the Vercors. Landscapes are wonderful, abseiling and aesthetical sprinkle the circuit. It is also possible to set up a zipline at the end of the tour.
3h activity | Level: Medium

Canyoning Ecouges

Ecouges Canyoning - Upper part

A technical and incised canyon.

The upper part of the Ecouges canyon offers beautiful abseiling waterfalls, suspended pools and an amazing 65 meters waterfall with a preserved environment. It is a reference ofcanyoning in the Vercors.
3h activity | Level: Difficult

L'intégrale des Écouges

The entire Ecouges

The BIG one.

This round connects the upper part and the lower part of the Ecouges canyon. It is a large piece with everything we can find in the activity. The entire Ecouges is a reference in France. Only for confirmed people.
8h activity | Level: Difficult

Canyoning Moules Marinières

Moules Marinières Canyoning

The canyon of the French dolomites

Located towards the East side of the Vercors and Gresse-en-Vercors, this canyon is very complete with a big natural slide to end the circuit. A good half-day in sight.
3h activity | Level: Medium

Canyon Versoud

Versoud Canyon

Perfect initiation.

Certainly one of the most accessible and nicest canyons to be initiated to canyoning in the Vercors. The Versoud canyon has jumps, abseiling and little slides.
2h30 activity | Level: Easy

Vercors Geology

The Vercors is a massif essentially made of limestone. Limestone is a sedimentary rock which means that a long time ago, what currently is our loved massif was a flat sea floor. Over time, the sediments accumulated and created a huge millefeuille. Under the pressure of the african tectonic plate that pushed the eurasian plate, the Alps were progressively created. The massive pre-Alpine Vercors started to push in this dynamic. Thus, the sedimentary rocks rose up and cracked.

Due to a second phenomenon named erosion it is possible to understand the emergence of the canyons and consequently thecanyoning in the Vercors. The glacial erosion made possible to plane the summits. The karstic erosion is responsible for scuplting the cliffs and the subsoils. Finally, torrential erosion offered beautiful canyons delighting our eyes and cayoning.

Trying the different circuits we propose makes you become aware that we live in an environment that is really beyond our control. A human lifetime is paltry compared to the time to create a canyon.