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Canyon of Furon | Presentation

The Furon canyon is great fun and accessible to all. Firstly, it is a fun canyon mostly because of its jumps of various heights and its slides. Canyoning in the Furon also gives the chance to set up a small zip line of about ten meters. There are also a few small abseiling, not exceeding 10 meters.

Secondly, it is an accessible canyon. Just over fifteen minutes of access walk and you can reach the starting point in the Furon canyon. And only a few minutes to get back to the vehicles at the end of the canyon. The Furon canyon is therefore an active canyon with many varied obstacles in a wooded environment. None of the jumps are required. That's why it is suitable for beginners. Those looking for adventure will also be able to get the big thrill with jumps up to 10 meters.

Plan of the day
Canyoning in the Furon

The day starts with meeting the canyoning instructor. After a short access walk, you get the equipment and a briefing to explain the safety instructions, then it is time to get into the water through a first impressive cascade (optional 9 meters jump). Then, the canyon becomes easier with a short walk in the river. In the end, it's all you can get from canyoning at once, with fierce obstacles one after the other.

Level: easy

Everyone can docanyoning in the Furon. It will satisfy the expectations of beginners and advanced persons. But, it is not a canyon with big verticals.

Where is the canyon of Furon ?

The Furon canyon takes place in the city of Sassenage in the French Department Isère, 10 km from Grenoble. The GPS coordinates are :
45.1990, 5.6317 (decimal degrees)
45°11'56.4"N 5°37'54.1"E (degrees, minutes, seconds).

To go to Sassenage. Take the D531 in direction of Engins and Lanse n Vercors. The car park is inside a narrow mountain road.


You can calculate your itinerary on our website by visiting the page "Access to activities"

Caution, take a margin when looking at the time displayed on your GPS. There are sometimes traffic jams in Grenoble slowing down traffic.

Canyon of Furon on a big map