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Canyoning in Valence

Valence has around 60 000 inhabitants and is located in the French Department La Drôme, close to Ardèche and the Vercors. It is a good place because the Vercors has a lot of renowned canyons. We have selected 5 circuits to do canyoning around Valence.

You will appreciate the Ecouges, Furon and Versoud canyon which are canyons close to Valence. You can find ones for beginners but also for sports and confirmed persons. The instructors will provide all the necessary equipment. Take your swimsuit and your sportshoes and enjoy fabulous places near Valence.

List canyoning around Valence

Canyon Versoud
48 €/pers
45min from Valence

Versoud Canyon

A successful initiation

The Versoud canyon is perfect to begin. Indeed, there are few walks, varied obstacles and no required jumps. This wonder is just 45min from Valence.
2h30 activity | Level: Easy

Canyon Ecouges partie basse
60 €/pers
45min from Valence

Ecouges Canyon

The best of Vercors

The Ecouges canyon is our best activity ofcanyoning in Valence. On the program, abseiling of 20 meters high, jumps of differents height, slides and a beauty in the obstacles' shapes.
3h activity | Level: Medium

Canyoning Ecouges
90 €/pers
45min from Valence

Canyoning Ecouges - upper part

For big abseiling lovers

The Ecouges upper part will be interested for abseiling lovers especially with the final waterfall descent of 65 meters. Warning : this canyon is only for experienced abseiling canyonists. It is the most committed of the canyons near Valence.
3h activity | Level: Difficult

The Entire Ecouges Canyon
120 €/pers
45min from Valence

The entire Ecouges Canyon

The sequence of both parts of Ecouges

It is a challenging tour with the upper part which is technical, committed and vertical and the lower part is funnier with jumps, slides and a zipline. Trying the upper and the lower part will represent a big day.
8h activity | Level: Difficult

Canyoning Sassenage
50 €/pers

Sassenage Canyoning

Beautiful verticals and jumps

The Sassenage canyon is located close to Grenoble. It is not very committed and thus, adapted to beginners. The abseiling is aesthetical and can be of 17 meters high. A optional 6 meter high jump can complete the trial.
2h30 activity | Level: Easy

Customers' reviews - Canyoning around Valence

Nicolas's reviews : "Mathieu was super! A real champion in guiding us to have an incredible time and memories to last forever! We will return! I recommend this fantastic canyoning experience to anyone visiting the region. The fun jumps and slides in pristine waters are a must!"

Nasri's reviews : "Marvin did a great job explaining carefully in French and English all the safety matters and then leading us very professionally through the gorge."