The entire Ecouges canyon


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The entire Ecouges Canyon | Presentation

The entire Ecouges canyon involves doing the first part of Ecouges. You will find more detail on this page : "Canyoning Ecouges upper part". This part is aerial and technical with a lot of abseiling including the last one of 65 meters high.

Then, you will continue with the second part and its numerous water games. More detail on "Ecouges Canyon" Of course, a picnic break is planned to interrupt those two intense parts.

That is why, the entire Ecouges canyon is a difficult canyon in Grenoble.

Program of the day in the entire Ecouges

You will meet your instructor early in the morning. After having organised the cars (some of them at the beginning and others at the end of the circuit), you will equip yourselves and start the adventure. You will be amazed and have strong feelings.

Level : Difficult

To start this circuit you should have a good physical condition and prior knowledge in abseiling. It is a canyon in which you have to be efficient and rapid. Do not plan to do this canyon wether you have never done canyoning before. The entire Ecouges canyon is a committed canyon in its first part. There is no way to get out of it.

Where is the entire Ecouges canyon ?

The entire Ecouges canyon is located in the city of St Gervais (38, French department of Isère). The GPS coordinates are :
45.2017, 5.4814 (decimal degrees)
45°12'06.3"N 5°28'53.1"E (degrees, minutes, seconds)

Car park of the chruch - City hall of Saint Gervais sur Isère


Be on time at the meeting point! Plan more time compared to what it is said on your GPS or on Google Maps.