Chartreuse Canyoning - Canyoning in the Chartreuse Massif


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Chartreuse Canyoning

The Chartreuse massif is well-known in Grenoble and Chambery for hiking, climbing, paragliding in Saint Hilaire du Touvet and many other outdoor sports. The monastery of the Grande Chartreuse with monks who shows hermitage, silence and loneliness make this massif a special place. For the alcohol drinkers, the different Chartreuse are excellent. What about the canyoning in the Chartreuse massif?

There is about forty canyons in the Chartreuse Massif. In Canyoning Grenoble, we have selected the most beautiful, the funiest and the most accessible canyons. To do canyoning in the Chartreuse, you can choose between the Infernet canyon and the Grenant canyon. Other nice canyons do not fit to beginners because of big abseilings heightening up to 100 meters. For example, the Crolle or Gorgette - Craponoz canyons have verticals of more than 100 meters, so let's imagine the waiting time for a group of 4. That's why, in the selected canyons it is possible to do abseiling, jump, and try natural slides. Moreover, those canyons don't require a 2 hours' walk as many other canyoning in the Chartreuse do.

List Chatreuse canyoning

Canyoning Infernet

Canyoning Infernet

A memorable first aseiling !

The Infernet canyon is very incised and aquatic. You will have the opportunity to do a beautiful abseiling but very scary and a lot of jumps and natural slides. The steep slope to come back to the cars will have the same effect as a crossfit training.
2h30 activity | Level: Difficult

Canyoning Grenant

Grenant Canyoning

Complete and fun : perfect to initate.

The Grenant canyoning is currently forbidden. If you want to do canyoning in the Chartreuse, this tour will be a good way to initiate this activity with 7 meter high jumps, slides and abseiling.
2h30 activity | Level: Easy

The provided equipment during your activity.

The instructor will supply the technical equipments. He provides a neoprene wetsuit, socks, a harness and a helmet. Moreover, the guide will take the ropes to make sure you are safe during your canyon.

The equipment you have to bring during your activity.

You must take your sport shoes and your swimsuit. Your shoes will be wet so prepare a spare pair in your car. Likewise for the swimsuit. The Chartreuse canyons don't last a day so you need not bring your lunch for your activities canyoning in the Chartreuse.